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Why won’t my watch take calls, even though I enabled it to?

In addition to enabling call audio on watch, Huawei users also need to enable it on their phone: Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Control -> Turn ON toggle "broadcast incoming calls"

Are the watch straps interchangeable?

Yes, your smartwatch has interchangeable straps.

How do I turn the sound off on my smartwatch?

To disable sound alerts, swipe down and tap the speaker icon. When it’s no longer highlighted, your watch will only vibrate.

Does my smartwatch have a microphone and/or speaker?

Your smartwatch has both a microphone and speaker.

How do I use Bluetooth headphones with my smartwatch?

To store music on your smartwatch, you must have a paid music subscription. Download the watch app for your preferred music service and log into a paid account. Follow the instructions in your chosen music app to download music directly to the smartwatch.

Once downloaded, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to listen phone free at any time.

How do I listen to and store music on my smartwatch?

When a majority or the entirety of your smartwatch is wet, the screen can have trouble picking up specific promptings. Wipe off the screen, either with a towel or with your forearm if still immersed, and try again.

Why is my touchscreen not responding to taps in water?

When a majority or the entirety of your smartwatch is wet, the screen can have trouble picking up specific promptings. Wipe off the screen, either with a towel or with your forearm if still immersed, and try again.

How do I turn off GPS on my smartwatch?

To turn off location and GPS tracking for your watch and phone, open Settings in your watch, then tap Connectivity. Scroll to Location, and toggle off.

Do I have to wear my watch to bed to log a sleep session?

Yes, in order to accurately track your sleep you need to wear your device for the session.

I tracked my workout with GPS but don’t see a map on my watch. Where can I view the routed map of my workout?

Make sure your account is synced with Google Fit to view mapped routes and long term history in the Fit app on your phone. If there’s not a map available, there could be a couple of reasons as to why:

  1. You chose to track an indoor activity. Since these are generally stationary, mapping is not included as part of this tracking.
  2. If your watch loses connection with your phone while using tethered GPS, or in the rare case you lose direct GPS connection from your watch, the ability to map the workout route may be lost for that session.

How do I take calls on my watch?

During initial setup, you should receive a prompt to set up your watch to make and receive calls. If you don’t see this prompt, check the notification drawer for Phone Setup notification to start the setup. You can also go to the Phone app on your watch, and it should launch the prompt for phone setup. Follow the instructions to enable phone functionality. If you still don’t see the prompt, you can initiate setup by opening Settings in the Phone app on your watch, tapping Troubleshooting, and following the steps there.

Once you finish setup, you can reject or receive incoming calls or place a call, directly from the watch. Please note, using your watch for calls can consume battery at a faster rate.

Where can I see my extended tracking history?

Some history can be viewed directly in the watch Wellness app if you swipe down within any of the main pages for the features. If users opt in to sharing data with Google Fit, Citizen stores your data in Google Fit and some of our metrics, like Sleep and workout data, can be viewed in the Google Fit phone app. You can also view fully mapped routes of your workouts within the Fit app.

What features are available in the Wellness app?

Sleep Tracking, Activity, and Cardio Fitness. All three can be accessed from the Wellness watch app, and Sleep and Activity are also available as Tiles.

How do I download apps on my smartwatch?

The Google Play Store lets you download watch apps and watch faces to your smartwatch to expand and personalize your features to your lifestyle. You can search for apps and faces or check out top downloads and suggestions. Users must be paired to a G-mail account to download from the Google Play Store.

  • Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the watch app menu and launch Play Store.
  • Search for your favorite apps by voice or type, and follow the on-screen instructions to download.